Red Calcite


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Red Calcite

·         Red Calcite is a critical stone that increases energy and willingness to experience life. It is a good vibe energy enhancer and can bring you out of a rut.

·         This stone is great for grounding our energy and will assist you in activating your base chakra which will bring vitality and promote increased energy.

·         Red Calcite will cleanse and amplify the energies in your space and can restore motivation and accelerate your progress and development.

·         This stone can also raise your consciousness connect you to higher spiritual levels or to your higher self.

·         It will clear out the old stuck, unwanted and unnecessary energy patterns and will boost your personal drive and motivation!

·         Red calcite is a great stone to have on hand when you are starting a new journey or starting a new project. It will support you in learning new concepts and can aid in looking at the journey with fresh concepts and creative zest.

·         Red Calcite can release your negative emotions and help you feel emotionally protected. It can make you focus on all the good things around so that you will be inspired to invite more goodness in. It can inspire you to attract love into your life.

·         Combine with Tiger’s eye to promote courage and inner strength. This stone can bring a since of stability into your life and increase your persona; power and inner strength.

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