Honey Calcite


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Honey Calcite-

·         Honey Calcite can increase our feelings of self-worth and help us to recover from harmful or abusive situations.

·         This stone can bring a sense of confidence, strength and courage to your inner self and makes us feel as if we can overcome our fears. It will support your determination and persistence to complete something important to you or aid you in following through with confidence.

·         Honey Calcite can also aid us in mental clarity and aid us in learning new things and developing new skills.

·         Honey Calcite will gently amplify your energy and support you in overcoming challenges when you are needing to make a change or when you are going through a transition.

·         This stone has the ability when used in meditations to stimulate our flow of energy and help us overcome productivity with strength.  It can help you feel energized and full of energy

·         This stones gently energy can help you when you are analyzing a situation and can strength your instincts to make the best choice and can assist you in turning ideas into action.

·         Honey calcite will aid you in making the connection with your emotional body and mental body and remove any blockages in the way. It will guide you in letting go of the past and being fully aware in the present and prepares you to go forward with confidence toward your future path.

·         Pair this stone with Malachite when you need to transition into something new but are fearful.

·         Pair with Bloodstone when you need all the strength and courage in the world to face whatever comes your way.


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