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This is serious business here. All of our products are made with 100% 316L Surgical Grade STAINLESS STEEL. Meaning they are hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Extremely durable, our jewelry is designed to last you a lifetime. Sure, you may find a diffuser necklace elsewhere for pennies, but it may cause your skin to turn green or break after a few wears. We are creators, and we take pride in our creations. Only offering the best of the best. Not only are our metals top-of-the-line, our bamboo fabric is as well. Do you know what you're putting your highly potent oils on for you and your family to inhale? Is it a fabric filled with chemicals? Is it a mystery fabric? With Aroma Couture™ you can breathe easy knowing our bamboo fabric is certified 100% organic, and is actually beneficial to our environment unlike other fabrics like cotton and leather. It is bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, and hand-washable. We also are proud to say we have gone completely VEGAN. Sure we could sell 1000's of leather products but after a ton of time in prayer, consideration and really staying true to our brand, we've decided to say BYE BYE to animal cruelty. It's not who we stand for- which is true health and wellness so we've ditched the leather! 
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Every. Single. Piece of jewelry that comes out of our offices is handcrafted by a member of our team with love. We believe that pieces should be made to order, that every single necklace, bracelet, or accessory should be made for a purpose; because it already has a home. We don't believe in pre-making hundreds of necklaces for them to sit on a shelf and wait to be purchased. So, when you order something from our site, know that it is being made especially for you. With love and good vibes filling the room. We believe that energy will translate to your life as you wear your beautiful jewelry. 
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